Assurance Relocation Systems FAQs

How do I choose a moving company in Tucson?

Every Moving company provides a variety of services for a range of fees to their customers. It’s good to talk with different long distance movers or local movers to compare their services. Ask your friends and neighbors about their experience with the moving company that they have used. After you have collected a few names of movers, make a list on the paper, check and see if they are members of any national or state moving associations (such as the American Moving and Storage Association). Customers must check with any consumer organizations, such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in your city’s local area.

When should I call a moving company?

The earlier, the better. Although the actual truck assignment may not be made until a few days before you’re ready to move. It’s a good idea to give your long-distance moving company four to six weeks’ notice, if possible. The more lead time you give, the more moving company experts will able to meet your preferred delivery schedule. All moving companies in the US, for their standard service, require flexibility from clients with alternative pickup and delivery dates. Assurance Relocation Systems aspires to meet your preferred dates or the nearest possible alternatives. You will be notified in advance through our team, the loading date for your shipment and the estimated date of arrival. If your pickup & delivery dates are critical, due to lease expiration, you may choose extra-cost service which enables moving company to accommodate a more precise schedule. You should discuss your pickup and delivery requirement with our agent, who can advise you on the types and costs of services available. If you decide to move with Assurance Relocation Systems, a move coordinator will be assigned to you shortly.

When is the best time to move?

The busiest time for movers and packers are during the summer months, taking place roughly between May to September. Near the ends of these two months, the volume of shipments is extremely heavy-this tends to be the case for all leading relocation and moving companies. It’s important to take all factors into consideration when deciding the right time for you to move. If you have some flexibility in your schedule, providing the moving experts with a five-day window for loading your shipment can be highly beneficial. Offering a flexible time frame can make a world of difference, and make your entire moving job much easier.

How do I select which moving companies will provide me a free moving quote?

Your first step is determining either you need a full-service moving company like Assurance Relocation System or not. It’s a good idea to research local, national and long-distance moving companies on the internet-ask your neighbors, friends, colleagues, and family members if they can make recommendations. Investigate each of the moving company you select with the BBB. Exceptional service is the best measure of a good mover!

Is it a good idea to get an estimate over the email or the phone?

In all likelihood, you will find that an on-site estimate based on a physical survey of the items that you plan while moving from one state to another will be more accurate than an estimate that you provide to your moving company over the telephone or the internet. So, unless circumstance warrants (due to a small time frame for the move or because you’re only shipping a few items) think carefully before you elect to waive the required physical survey for your shipment boxes.

How is the cost of shipment calculated?

If you’re moving with your belongings to a different state, the charges will be based on the weight of your shipment and mileage- this referred to as the transportation charges. There are a variety of different moving charges that can potentially appear on your moving company estimate, so be sure to ask your relocation team to explain each charge for you. Some additional charges that may appear include crating, valuation, packing or coverage, bulky items, and extra labor. Again, please be certain you fully understand these shipment charges so that you can accurately compare other estimates you receive.

What should I do with my real jewelry and other valuable items?

If you hire a leading moving company from Tucson like Assurance Relocation Systems items such as jewelry, money, antiques and stamp collections can be included in your shipment, provided that you notify your local moving representative of these items before their packing and moving day. It is strongly recommended that you must carry irreplaceable and expensive articles with you or make alternate arrangements for their transport. In the moving industry of the US, items worth more than $100 per pound are considered to be articles of ‘’extraordinary value’’. To be secure that a claim involving these articles shipment is not limited to minimum liability, complete and sign your mover’s high-value inventory form.